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Have you been hurt in an accident!

If you have become injured in an automobile accident, you might be able to file an accident claim that may recover compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We represent people involved in truck accidents, car accidents, school bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, and many other personal injury accidents in St. Louis.
You must act now, you only have so long to file a personal injury claim in Missouri. Fill out our free evaluation form, chat online or call 314.730.0071 to learn more.

Insurance corporations start investigating your case as soon as they are informed of the accident. You should talk to an attorney before you talk with an insurance corporation or consent to their demands for more information. You can call our St. Louis personal injury attorneys to schedule a free initial consultation.

Have you been personally injury by the negligence of someone else?

If you have an injury that was the fault of someone else and you’re not sure whether or not you have a lawsuit, contact us for a free legal consultation. Our St. Louis personal injury practice is built on giving each client the most individual attention they deserve, and we only win if you get paid through a personal injury settlement or verdict. In short, you don’t owe us anything unless we settle or win your lawsuit, that way you are not out any out-of-pocket expenses.

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St. Louis Defective Tires Attorney

Defective or Dangerous Tires

Car accidents of any type are frightening scenarios that may regularly result in devastating injuries, and occasionally wrongful death. When a defective portion of a car, such as a tire has caused an injury, someone must be held accountable. If you’re seeking competitive, all-inclusive legal support, the St. Louis Products Liability Attorney, can assist you. We have extensive experience and expertise in holding those accountable for defective products that cause serious injury or death.

Holding a tire manufacturing company liable for death or injuries due to a defective tire design or manufacture takes associating with the appropriate, proven experts and a thorough investigation.


Tire blowout or tread separation are just a couple scenarios resulting in a deadly or serious accident with injury. Our St. Louis product liability firm has the expertise and court abilities to navigate through complex auto defective design cases or by a defectively designed tire.

Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys are fully devoted to customer success, and help you breathe easier knowing that your rights are being defended in every manner possible.


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